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Sendang Biru and its people

The fish market at the village Sendang BiruBeautiful colored fishing boats, stunning sun rise, very famous fish market, and a laid back village.... Doesn't that sound like heaven on earth???

This is the place to relax from Java's hassle. Just a paradise south of Malang. Explore the beach and it's stunning environment. Round up in local village life.

People of Sendang Biru

Javanese, Madurese and Bugis (from Sulawesi). That is the general mix of people in the village Sendang Biru. Since a few hundred years also Papua people inhabited a small area near the village, and build their traditional houses above the water. Today, just two of them are left; Mr. Toni and Mr. Muring.

Fishermen and their boats

A view at Sendang Biru beachVery tiny or very big.... you will find several types of boats in Sendang Biru. Small boast can set sail for two to three days, while bigger sheeps can cross oceans and wind up near Australia or the Philipines. It might take them two to three weeks to get back to their home town.